Water is more of a problem than money

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By Ralph Damiani

While we are glad to see that there is some talk of getting the reservoir in Los Alamos Canyon repaired and working again, we wish the county would do more.

The reservoir there long served the community and it should be a higher priority for officials here. And the older – much larger reservoir in Guaje Canyon – should not be abandoned so easily.Now, we are told that any water in these reservoirs will count against us in what the government counts as our water allowance.We say, so what?If we have these reservoirs full and supplying water, is that not better and cheaper than pumping it up from the Rio Grande? We think so.Now, officials will tell us that fixing the Los Alamos reservoir – and especially the Guaje Canyon reservoir will be very expensive.Again, so what?We think that it is easier to “find” money than it is to “find” water.So having water in local reservoirs will count against us. We say, let them count, we want the water!We understand that this is not a simple issue. Part of the road leading to the reservoir is owned by the DOE, part by the forest service. The dam is owned by the county, but sits on Forest Service land.So sorting this out is complex.But, again, we think that we have time and we can get money – it is water we need. Jus consider how much water we are going to waste this spring as the snow melts and flows away down the hill.What a waste. And then we will have to listen to the county tell us that we are short of water and may have to ration. Yet, we let it all flow away.We need to take a better look at this.We think that the work begun by the Pajarito Plateau Watershed Partnership is a good beginning. There are recreation opportunities there, besides the water benefits.So this is a good project that needs all of our attention. We encourage the council to keep this on the front burner.