Watchdogs are biased

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By Joh Hicks

Dear Editor,

Concerning the Feb. 22 column, “An eye for an eyeball,” – the way I see it, even the watchdog reporters can’t help the fact that they have been taught to report with a biased agenda.  

Item: George Bush and Barrak Obama had almost identical workout regimens. Bush was reported as wasting time and worse; Obama was shown in Hawaii as an Adonis.  

Item: Global warming is an eminent catastrophe. It is not reported in local papers that many scientists disagree. In Michael Crichton’s novel, “State of Fear,” he makes a guess that the temperature increase will be 0.812436 degree C. (six decimal places) within the next century.  In the same paragraph he points out that an informed and educated guess – is still a guess.   

Item:  To spend a trillion dollars, at one million per day, would require that you begin spending around 700 BC.  A trillion seconds ago was 31,645 years ago, when glaciers covered much of the northern hemisphere.  

Item: The New York Times is so biased that a share of its stock costs less than a daily paper.  The Monitor reports on the availability of retail space. I do not know what dollar volume is necessary to support a retail business, but with the current rental rates I doubt that there will be many new starts. 

Baxter Black, the cowboy poet, says that one requirement for operating a ranch is to have a wife with a high paying job in town. Likewise, a retail business in Los Alamos County requires a high paying job to support it.

Our personal stimulus package today includes reducing the number of biased newspapers we buy.

White Rock