'Warm bodies' proves there's love after death

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By Owen Bradbury Aranda

In a post-apocalyptic world a boy and a girl find love; despite danger, despite disapproval, oh yeah, and despite the fact that the boy is actually a brain-eating zombie.

Although the story is an adaptation of a novel by the same name, by Isaac Marion, it is an incredibly original idea as a film and takes a whole new approach to the zombie apocalypse genre. 

The film takes place in the future, where the world has undergone a zombie apocalypse and one of the last pockets of humanity lives behind a massive wall for protection. The protagonist “R,” a slow, lonely, teenage zombie boy, falls in love with Julie, a girl fighting for human survival. 

In their first encounter, she sees him murder and tear apart her boyfriend and is utterly horrified, but when he saves her from certain death, she gains some sympathy for him. In order to keep her alive, he takes her with him to his hideout, where she is kept for several days. 

As she stays with him, she quickly loses her fear of him and soon realizes that love is slowly making him become more human again. Slowly, this effect spreads throughout the population of corpses and soon love starts to make the undead become more like the living. 

The movie manages to turn beings usually considered ravenous flesh-eating ghouls, into sweet and — sometimes even gentle — creatures. Who would have thought someday there would be a romantic comedy about a zombie falling in love? 

The idea in itself seems ludicrous. The film is very funny and is filled with cool sarcasm, unexpected jokes and is bound to stir a laugh out of any audience. 

Over all, this is a very good film, but there are a few drawbacks. One is that some of the zombies start out too human and do not evolve much as the film progresses. The other, (which may not be a problem for some people) is that it is incredibly cheesy. 

The film is very sweet, but is definitely directed towards couples, and is the perfect movie for a date, unless, of course, you are completely terrified of zombies. 

In the end, the film’s message is that love can change everything, even the undead.