Wallace has encouraged growth of juvenile continuums statewide

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State Rep. Jeannette Wallace gets the job done.  In 2007, she worked with the statewide juvenile continuums and sponsored HB21, which provided $2 million in funds each year to the Children, Youth and Families Department, which was distributed to local communities, including Los Alamos. A juvenile continuum is a board of volunteer community leaders from specified sectors who identify unmet needs or gaps in programs and services for youth and recommend how to address those needs. In addition, the board also evaluates the programs and services provided.
Rep. Wallace realized the importance of the services for juveniles who have been referred to juvenile probation or who could be at risk for a referral. In 2007, there were seven juvenile continuums throughout the state, and she knew that by sponsoring the bill she was encouraging growth of continuums. She was right and she was successful. There are now 16 continuums, with three more counties planning to join.
Jeannette Wallace has a proven track record and as a state representative, she leads by example. I believe that she is the right candidate who will continue to get things done as our representative.

Sharon Stover
Los Alamos