Wake up, America

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By The Staff

Several alarming things are happening in our country.  As we go about our daily work, Congress continues spending money that we don’t have.

Our national debt is growing at one million dollars ($1,000,000) per minute — or $1.4 billion dollars each day. In 10 days, our national debt increases by the amount of the current budget for the State of New Mexico. I speak with people every day who love our country, but are angry when politicians play politics with our future. What’s  alarming is the number of people who either do not take time to consider the ramifications of the growing national debt on our economy or have no interest in trying to control it.  

While people around the country ignore what Congress is doing, it is spending us into bankruptcy.  We need to wake up and realize what’s happening.  If we don’t speak up and pay attention now, there won’t be a future for our children and grandchildren.  Wake up America!

Stephen Kennedy