Vote yes on the school bond

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Four years ago while president of the LAPS School Board, I wrote a letter to the editor explaining the motivation for the 2009 school bond election.
 In that letter, I appealed to the community to consider a significant bond in order to reverse a deteriorating trend; namely, that some of our key school facilities were in dire need of serious attention.  Further, I stated that we could not afford major replacement of entire facilities; that we could only afford phased renovation or replacement projects to add years of useful life to our existing facilities.
A “frugal” 20-year facilities renewal plan was developed to prioritize and guide our attention and phased investments. The plan’s guiding premise was renovate and only when renovation is not cost effective was replacement to be even considered.  The plan directed we concentrate on the high and middle schools first, followed by Aspen elementary.  Priorities were also established to address corrective maintenance projects at all school sites.
We must remain accountable to our responsibility of taking care of our local schools as directed in the State’s Constitution.  Strong schools are vital to our community’s enduring strength and attraction and underpin all future investments in our community.   The schools collectively provide a safe and secure environment nurturing our children’s learning and achievement.  I strongly believe that our schools, K-12 are Los Alamos’ most important asset.
I was so proud of our community when the 2009 bond passed.  As a result, we have completed extensive renovations at the high school and the middle school work is underway.  Aspen is next, but we individually need to vote in favor to keep the current bond rates in effect to fund the Aspen renovation.
Four years ago, my position on the school board prohibited me from doing more than explaining the motivation and appealing to the community to consider.  But today I can advocate and ask.  Please vote yes on the 2013 school bond.
Steve Girrens
White Rock