Vote YES on LAPS bond election

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Imagine if you will, a school district with dedicated, hard-working teachers, a wonderful, supportive administrative staff and amazing students who take their education seriously and consistently strive for their personal best. 

Considering these three factors, how do you imagine their classrooms and environment to look?  You would assume that the environment would enhance and inspire the students and staff. 

Our district has these amazing staff and students but we’re lacking the adequate facilities to supplement and improve our learning environment.  Sadly, our district has not had a new building since 1968 and every school is in need of renovation. 

The buildings that our children are going to school in everyday were built to provide a quick shelter for education. Longevity was not a priority or concern and now we are facing the negative effects daily. 

The January bond will allow Los Alamos Public Schools to bring our buildings up to the 21st century. Our prior bonds have allowed us to build three new structures but the main component has been maintaining our old buildings. 

I am asking our community to come together and approve the January bond that will ensure improvement of our school structures and thus continue to provide our students with a top-notch education. 

For as little as the price of one cup of coffee a day, you can make a huge difference in our school district.

Los Alamos