Vote YES on bond election

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 With the upcoming school bond election we have an opportunity to invest in improving our educational infrastructure. This is a very sound investment, unlike those that have contributed to our national economic ills. 

I’ve served on the community advisory committee for every school bond over the past decade. Through these successful elections, we have generated funds to retard the natural deterioration of our aging schools. The initial bond in 1998 led to the new high school science labs and new gyms at Aspen and Mountain. Unfortunately, the growing costs of maintenance have precluded further major renovations or replacements. 

From my service on the community advisory committees, I have seen how carefully school board members, school administrators, teachers, parents and outside aspects have worked to identify the greatest infrastructure needs and manage precious tax dollars effectively. 

In spite of these efforts, we are losing ground and need additional funds to replace or renovate our most decrepit facilities, starting with B, C and D Wings of the High School, the transportable buildings at the middle school, and classrooms at Aspen Elementary School.

Start the New Year by embracing the future of our community and our children – vote yes on the bond election.

Los Alamos