Vote for the future

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I can’t believe that people who have been educated in some of the finest schools in our country are arguing about whether to support a school bond in Los Alamos – home to one of the finest national labs around!

Of course we should support the school bond. And I say this as an absentee landlord who would pay higher taxes without reaping the direct benefits of this bond issue.

 When I left the community 12 years ago, I kept my house and have been fortunate enough to rent it out. I hope to return someday to my hometown and I would love to see it thriving with a lively and up-to-date school system.

A few years ago many people were upset with the leadership in certain schools and their concerns weren’t taken seriously enough, in my opinion. But those days have passed. New leadership is in place and ready to move to the next level.

When I grew up in the Los Alamos School System, it was among the best in the nation. Now we have let the schools slip – not in teachers necessarily, though many can’t afford to live here – but also in letting the buildings run down with the thought that good maintenance can keep them standing indefinitely. Well, it can’t.

The world has moved on in the decades since I left Los Alamos, and more than ever we need bright, involved and well-educated members of society. Vote yes for the future.

San Jose, CA