Vigil a poor choice by Democrats

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The decision by the Democratic Party hierarchy to select Barbra J. Vigil as the party’s candidate to fill the vacancy on the New Mexico State Supreme Court could not be more wrong!
In the past the decisions made by Judge Barbra J. Vigil could be revisited and reversed by a higher court. The decisions made by the State Supreme Court are essentially the law of the land and it would take a lot more effort and energy to reverse any ill-conceived rulings that she is a part of.
Barbra J. Vigil has not shown the depth and breadth in her thinking needed by a justice of the State Supreme Court.
As the Chief Judge of the First Judicial District Court that is based in Santa Fe she is essentially an administrator of the court.
Her decisions that concerned the operation of the court and the staff especially in the Tierra Amarilla region revealed the vast inadequacy in her decision-making experience and ability.
Like many of her courtroom decisions, her administrative decisions shows a “let them eat cake” attitude. This exposes shallowness in her manner and a detachment from the people and the culture of New Mexico that is absolutely requisite for any Justice on the New Mexico State Supreme Court.
The Democratic Party has let us New Mexicans down in the past with the nominations of Ben Ray Lujan, Eric Serna, Mary Herrera and Jerome Block, all of which have either underperformed or brought embarrassment to the party and the state.
The nomination of Barbra J. Vigil can only prove to be even more disastrous especially if she is elected, because the position of State Supreme Court Justice involves the whole state and the effect of the decisions made are generational in their impact.
If the Democratic Party will not revisit and undo this decision it might be best for all New Mexicans to consider the candidate that will be selected by the republican party on Sept. 6 as a potential option.
We don’t want to hear that they can’t do this because we know that they can.

Phil Maestas and Betty Hass
Santa Fe