Veterans need real support

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By Edward B. Grothus

Dear Editor,

I dream of the day there will be no veterans to honor. Can there come a day when there we will not hear the frightening roar of warplanes over cemeteries? I dream of the evolution of humankind to adherence to the Golden Rule. Is it possible for a metamorphosis of the ugly worm of war into a beautiful butterfly of peace? Can mankind evolve to practice the wisdom for making good things to be given away instead of giving nations exploding bombs? Can the civilian leadership, the politicians, the CEOs of the mititary/industrial complex and the priests and ministers become civilized?

Now engraved in stone are the words: NO ONE IS SECURE UNLESS EVERYONE IS SECURE. Homeland security for us? It is illogical for us to live in fear henceforth. Homeland Security however is the national policy. I cry, IDIOTAS! There is a better and cheaper way!

The hands of the Doomsday Clock have been advanced to five minutes to midnight. Here in Los Alamos it has been the lab’s job to develop the bombs. We are also to certify and guarantee that a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) will go off at design parameters at some future time without intermediate testing. It is not the Labs department to assure and guarantee a future for the young.

The wisdom for abolition of WMD is undialoged here. Will a Trident submarine commander launch his missiles if given the order to do so? Disciplined to obey orders he probably will even if it is an immoral and illegal command.

To paraphrase Tom Lehrer’s song “Wernher von Braun,” that man of renown, “It’s not our department where they come down.” That being the case there will be no one around to honor those veterans when they return home to “piles of debris.”

Veterans and scientists my pleas should not fall on “blocks and stones.”

Edward B. Grothus

Los Alamos