Vandals smash windows in WR

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LAPD: Four residents called in reporting damage

By Whitney Jones

A vandalism spree along Rio Bravo Drive and Potrillo Drive in White Rock over the April Fool’s weekend left some residents without transportation.

Los Alamos Police Department dispatch logs indicate on March 31 four people called in reporting damage to their vehicles.

“Who ever did this went on a rampage,” Rio Bravo resident Lois Schneider said, adding that a few of her neighbors had also been hit.

She said her husband made the call to the police. He reported that it looked like the windows of his pickup truck had been shot out, at which point he noticed that two other vehicles had also been vandalized at his address.

Lois Schneider said the couple had lived in the area for nearly 45 years and they have never experienced any problems like this before.

Schneider said the perpetrator trespassed on to their fenced property and either smashed or shot at windows in the couple’s three vehicles.

“They left us without any transportation,” she said adding that her insurance agent was kind enough to loan the couple a vehicle while the cars get repaired.

Two of the older cars that were vandalized didn’t have comprehensive insurance, so Schneider said the couple is on the hook to pay for those repairs.

“We heard nothing,” she said.

Schneider said the incident would’ve had to occur sometime during the late night or early morning hours as the couple went to bed between 11 and 11:30 p.m. And she said the pick-up truck was located under a motion sensor light, but still no one awoke.

“It was just malicious vandalism,” Potrillo Drive resident Lee Midgley said.

She reported that two windows in one of her vehicles and four windows on another vehicle had been broken out.

Midgley said nothing was stolen from the vehicles despite the perpetrator having complete access, but said the damage is estimated to cost nearly $1,000. And had her son not driven to Albuquerque that weekend, his car may have also been damaged.

She said she also didn’t hear or notice any suspicious activity and didn’t even notice the damage until later that evening.

She said in her 11 years of living in the area, the only criminal activity she could recall was when someone went around bashing in mailboxes.

“It was just someone having, doing entertainment,” she said.

Midgley said she also heard there had been a rash of similar, unrelated incidents in Santa Fe.

A call to Santa Fe Police Department Investigation’s Captain Aric Wheeler was not returned.

The other calls came in to police from other Rio Bravo residents. One reported that her car had been keyed on both sides, and another couple reported that all the windows were broken on all three of their vehicles.

Los Alamos Police Capt. Randy Foster said there is an ongoing investigation into the incident but that there is no suspect yet.

He said cases like this, although more difficult to solve because of a lack of physical evidence, sometimes get resolved. He said the department will exhaust every available resource until the case is determined unsolvable or they find someone.

Foster said the perpetrator in past similar cases has been a teenager.

Spring break for Los Alamos Public Schools began March 30.