Vandals cause serious damage

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By Carol A. Clark

Vandals stuffed paper towels into the sinks of the upstairs restrooms inside the 800 Trinity Building, turned the water on full blast and left the premises sometime Tuesday.

The resulting devastation was discovered at 6 a.m. Wednesday by contract laborer Frank Tirre, who noticed water in the storage closet of Baskin Robbins.

“I called the complex manager Ben Lujan and he told me to check the bathrooms,” Tirre said. “Water was everywhere.”

Lujan toured the building, saying, “They really made a disaster here. One business upstairs lost 11 computers and who knows what else.”

The water flooded the upstairs offices and rained down on the offices and retail outlets below, bringing all activity to a halt.

“We can’t do any business,” said Uli Campbell, owner of Uli’s Cottontail. “I want the kids who did this to be caught so they can come and see what they have done to us. We are all struggling and this means we can’t do any business.”

She continued, “My carpets are ruined. They ruined clothes and my computer and typewriter. The walls are ruined. I have to repaint.”

Paperwork was saturated and many other pieces of electronic equipment, ceiling and wall board and other items were ruined throughout the building. With the exception of water in its storage closet, Baskin Robbins was the only business to escape major damage.

Campbell said she wants this to be a teaching tool.

“I want people to understand what we go through,” she said, adding that the estimated physical loss is in the thousands of dollars, not to mention the loss in business revenue.

Det. Ron Binion of the Los Alamos Police Department said that through the department’s investigation, officers have some leads and hope in the follow up that they can make some arrests soon.