Valles Caldera Trust eyes 10-year plan

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By The Staff

You should have already received an email to let you know the Valles Caldera Trust is proposing a 10-year plan to restore and manage the forest, grassland, shrubland, and riparian systems of the Valles Caldera National Preserve.

 I am the preserve manager and responsible official overseeing this effort. This project is important to me not only as the preserve manager but also as a lifelong resident of the Jemez Mountains.  I have grown up fishing, hunting and exploring this landscape and spent my career caring for the land.  I know that many of you share my deep connection to this landscape.  

I wanted to personally encourage you to review the information provided about the existing condition of the Preserve and our proposed plan for management and restoration.  

I also encourage you to share your comments and thoughts regarding the proposed plan. Our planning and decision-making is guided by many federal laws including the National Environmental Policy Act, referred to as NEPA; planning and decision making is often referred to as the “NEPA process.”  

We are at a stage of the process called “scoping.” During this phase of planning we are gathering information to determine the range of actions, alternatives and impacts to be considered in our analysis and documented in the ensuing Environmental Impact Statement.  

Comments received at this time can be the most helpful.  They will be used to identify issues and concerns, develop alternatives, and focus the analysis of potential impacts.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our website, www.vallescaldera.gov  and view the information provided there. A link to the proposed Landscape Restoration and Management Plan is provided on the home page.

 Thank you for your continued interest in the Valles Caldera National Preserve.

Dennis Trujillo

Preserve Manager