U.S. election recommendations

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By The Staff


This year the Congressional elections are very important as we are electing a new Senator and three new Congressmen – including one from our own Third District.

In the Third District, two newcomers and one long-time politician are seeking the post.

Ben Ray Lujan is the Democratic candidate, Dan East won the Republican nod and Carol Miller is running as an independent.

The Monitor is recommending voters go with Carol Miller.

The selection was not unanimous, but the majority of the editorial board supported her candidacy. The general feeling was that she was the only candidate with the necessary experience to perform for the district.

We have no real problem with the other candidates, save for their inexperience. Given the fact that we will have all new people in Washington – and that the issues we will be facing are huge – this is not a time for on-the-job training.

Miller is the only candidate running that has any kind of experience in the district, in the state, nationally and in Washington.

We face serious issues in Los Alamos and in the district and we need someone who can represent us now, not in a couple of years after gaining experience on the job.

Carol Miller is that person.


In the Senate race, you have two incumbent Congressmen facing off to take the seat being vacated by the retirement of Pete Domenici.

Tom Udall, the incumbent Third District Democrat, is running against Steve Pearce, the Second District Republican.

In a nearly unanimous – but lukewarm – vote, the editorial board chose to recommend Udall for the seat.

While he is not an ideal choice, and once again an election seems to come down to a bit of the lesser of two evils, Udall does seem to have a better temperament – something that will be needed in the trying days ahead.

Udall’s record as our attorney general and Congressman is far from stellar, but Pearce has had many negative issues of his own. And his strong conservatism – while admirable – seems to be out of touch with the issues of northern New Mexico.

While we wish Udall had been a bit more willing to stand up and debate Pearce, he does seem to be the better choice for us here in Los Alamos both from a policy and personality stand.

We recommend Tom Udall to voters.


Call it the political pendulum effect or call it a preference for taking a chance on a fresh version of American optimism over the tricky odds of a Hail Mary pass: the Monitor, by a majority of its editorial board, endorses Barack Obama for president.

The current government has squandered nearly every ounce of credibility stored up in the White House and that is culminating in a financial fiasco teetering on collapse.

We agree with many Americans, who believe that we can’t afford to double down our shrunken fortunes on what some feel is a version of what we have now.

Obama has shown that he has a unique ability to rise to the occasion, to communicate, to listen and to bring people together.

He has certainly grown the most in the last year, vaulting ahead of all of his rivals.

The majority on the board believes he can solve problems for the country because he has shown that he understands them better.

After all our backward and misguided steps, Obama could lead us out of the woods rather than farther in.