Upcoming Brown Bag show has two sides

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By Kirsten Laskey

The Los Alamos Arts Council’s Brown Bag Concert series is about to show its loving and dark sides.

 Love and twilight is the theme for the upcoming show, which will be held at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at Fuller Lodge.

The Amrhan Trio, which includes Cindy Little, piano; Louise Mendius, singer; and John Hargreaves, French horn, dedicated the first half of the program to love. Hargreaves said the pieces deal with many forms of love such as passionate love, unrequited love and betrayed love.  

The second half of the program focuses on evening and twilight. For instance, they will perform “Le Soir” (the night) by Gonud. The trio is also making the U.S. debut of a three-song cycle, “Three City Songs.”    

The music is based on a set of poems, titled “Smoke and Steel,” by Carl Sandburg.

The pieces are titled, “Skyscraper Loves Night,” “11th Avenue Racket” and “Honky-tonk in Cleveland.”

Hargreaves said “11th Avenue Racket” deals with scenes of urban life while “Honky-tonk in Cleveland,” is a deliberate attempt to recreate a pre-jazz style known as honk-tonk.

He added the composer of the three-song cycle is Steven Winteregg, a professor of music at the University of Dayton.

The trio is eager to share this music with the community.

“We like this,” Hargreaves said. “There’s a lot of great music for this combination (of musicians) that deserves to be heard.”

In regard to the “Three City Songs,” Little commented, “It’s just fun to play different stuff.”

Hargreaves joked the “Three City Songs” was so robust that Little has to wear an elbow pad to protect her arm.

In addition to  the music, the trio are excited to perform together. “It’s just the joy of working with two excellent musicians and performing with the style of music – it’s just a great combination,” Mendius said.

The Brown Bag series also offers a low-key venue to showcase their talents.

“It’s relaxed and it’s fun,” Little said.