Unsigned editorials not acceptable

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By The Staff

I find that recent unsigned and undocumented editorial comments to be more the rule than the exception in the Monitor these days.  Sunday, June 20, “The sinking of the presidency,” was unsigned and one-sided and may indicate the bias of the current Monitor editorial staff, while Wednesday, June 23, “Obama and Clinton: The best and brightest” was written by a Jeffry Gardner. Just who is Gardner, what are his credentials and why are such vitriolic and poorly written opinions allowed to be presented undocumented?

I quote a statement from Jon Meacham, editor of Newsweek and co-anchor of the new PBS program “Need To Know:” “The fact that anybody can now say anything publicly does not mean that anything anybody says is worth hearing.”  Perhaps your recent editorials fall into this category?

The Monitor is slipping lower than I am willing to put up with and I do not call your editorial page journalism.

Donald R. Machen

Los Alamos