UNM-LA offers quality education

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By The Staff

Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind,” says that a crucial need in the 21st century is a story that makes sense of one’s data.

In this and following columns, I hope to begin telling the stories of UNM-Los Alamos as it re-envisions itself and what it can do best.

What we have done and still do best is teaching. The first part of our story is to remind everyone that we are one of the best two-year transfer schools in the state of New Mexico.

We offer something valuable in these hard economic times. A student who gets general education courses at UNM-LA is prepared to transfer anywhere from MIT or Columbia to UNM and NMSU.

Students who take their first two years here to save money, develop foundational science, math, and English skills in small classes and have free tutoring available at UNM-LA.

UNM-LA keeps its standards rigorous because we believe that the students of New Mexico can learn at the level needed for college transfer or for workforce entry.

Our transfer studies have shown that our students succeed better at UNM in further math, science and English classes than do those who started at UNM-Albuquerque.

More that 75 percent get As in classes at UNM. More than 95 percent get As, Bs or Cs.

New Mexico Tech’s engineering advisor tells us he is pleased to get transfer students from UNM-LA!

Secondly, we have money to give away. We offer scholarships totaling thousands of dollars in grant scholarships.

For example, our WIRED grant (Workforce Innovations) is for students taking particular science and technology classes or programs.

It can pay up to $3,500 per student.

Another example is our GED STEM Transfer grant from LANL Foundation for students who have a GED and are entering college, taking any classes that would prepare them for careers in science, technology, engineering or math. 

Even if they are not in a science or tech program, the grant will pay for classes, books, other expenses related to preparation in math and science, including developmental classes.

Our Daniels grant is available for up to eight students and will help support them to carry a full load and finish any associate’s degree in two years.

While it gives preference to adult students (non-traditional, older students), and returning veterans, it is open to other students as well.

Still another opportunity is the Bridge Scholarship which supports students before the NM Lottery Scholarship kicks in.

Many other scholarships are available for both traditional and non-traditional students.

To learn more about financial aid at UNM-LA, call 662-0341 and make an appointment today. If you ever feel you need more help with the process, the paperwork, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact Student Services and ask for assistance at 662-0332.

Feel free to call me directly at 662-5919 ext. 606 to learn more about UNM-LA and our programs.