UNM-LA awards tenure to dean

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By Bonnie Gordon

Dean of Instruction Kate Massengale was recently granted tenure at UNM-Los Alamos. She is the first ever tenured faculty member at UNM-LA. In addition, Massengale was promoted from assistant to associate professor.

“We are looking to build a more substantial group of tenured faculty at UNM-LA,” Massengale said. “The UNM administration in Albuquerque has made a commitment to this endeavor, which shows their ongoing support for UNM-LA.”

Massengale has been on the UNM-LA faculty since 1993 as a professor of English. She was named Dean of Instruction in July 2008 after serving an interim term in that position. She received her Ph.D. in English/American Literature from Rice University in 1999. Massengale is proud to state that her college career began at San Jacinto Community College and she strongly supports the mission of community colleges.

With her first year as dean behind her ,Massengale looks forward to a number of initiatives for the new school year.

“We plan to provide strong support for our degree programs. Course rotations will be in place and decisions will be made more strategically and we hope to have fewer class cancellations this year,” Mssengale said.

UNM-LA is working more closely with the local community, Massengale said. “We have written a grant with the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board to create a youth mentoring initiative. We are also looking into writing a grant to hire a service learning coordinator. We think this is a good way to support the community, while giving students real world experience.”

UNM-LA has taken the lead in creating a new program to certify interpreters for work in courtrooms and in medical settings.

The program is in collaboration with Dona Ana Community College and Central New Mexico Community College and will consist of online and live classes in various regions around New Mexico.

“I’m committed to seeing UNM-LA become a center for science, technology, engineering and math, while remaining committed to its mission of providing excellence in general education and in such fields as business education,” Massengale said.