UNM-LA announces spring schedule lineup

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The University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) Community Education department has announced the schedule for its Spring 2014 lineup of classes. The schedules are now available on the UNM-LA campus and in stands around Los Alamos and White Rock, and will be mailed out to households the first week in January.
UNM-LA Community Education Director, Eva Artschwager says, “This spring we have a wonderful array of new and popular Enrichment courses. We will continue language classes in French, Spanish and Portuguese; expand our history and culture offerings to include the History of Technology and Homer’s Iliad; and add Pilates and Intermediate Yoga to our fitness section.
The new schedule includes more classes for teens such as Digital Photography and Financial Literacy.
Artschwager also noted new classes were added this spring for adults and retirees. “We’ve expanded our offerings to include classes in managing retirement income and the Affordable Health Care Act. We will be partnering with the Fuller Art Center and PEEC to bring several classes in paper arts to the community. It should be an exciting semester,” she added.
UNM-LA has expanded its professional development classes for spring. Artschwager said, “We will be launching a new program in Professional Development for Educators that will provide classes in key topics for teachers, including Differentiated Instruction, Technology for the Classroom, and Preparing the Professional Development Dossier.” Artschwager also emphasized, “Each course is taught by an academic or technology specialist in the field of professional development for teachers and will provide students with concrete skills and tools to apply in their classrooms and dossiers.”
For those with limited time and budgets, the spring program also offers a listing of classes in Microsoft Computer Skills. UNM-LA Community Education offers short sessions in the late afternoon focusing on specific workplace tasks that will allow students to focus on the skills they need at that moment, such as PowerPoint animation, Excel pivot tables or Word reports.
Registration for spring is now open, either online or through the office.