United Church marks 70th anniversary

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By The Staff

The United Church of Los Alamos celebrated their life of service last weekend as they marked their 70th anniversary.

On Friday, many church members sliced, diced and chopped their way to a celebratory dinner. Volunteers worked to prepare an old recipe from the Women’s Christian Service Society for a chicken enchilada dinner.

So many congregation members brought home-made pies that even after hundreds of pieces of pie were served and a blessing given to take some home, a bevy were served after the Sunday service, alongside cake.

The dinner was very well attended by those seniors that were a part of the church as young children and the young families of today. The elder members seemed pleased with the fact that even though many familiar faces were present, there were equally a number of new ones.

Guests of all ages shared memories of the church after dinner. Fun stories of baptisms, one with water from the Jordan River, to members being locked out of their home in their pajamas as a sign that they should go to church brought uplifting memories for many. Dorothy Crawford fondly recalled memories of her husband Ted helping to make the frames that hold many of the church’s stained-glass windows. Dorothy shared how Ted convinced artist Bob Brownlee that Bob Marr was a, “real welder,” and how they should be working together.

The memory walk concluded with former head Pastor, the Dr. Reverend Jay Dee Conrad (1993-2003) sharing a top ten list of his time here.

The items included; All Church Camp, an exchange with an Australian pastor, an initiative to add the Mennonite Denomination to their multi-denominational efforts, the 50th anniversary celebration, the crafting of their vision statement and inviting Edward Teller to speak.

The over aching feeling for the evening was how many in attendance felt like they were “home,” when they arrived at the United Church.

Sunday brought many back to the pews as Conrad was to appear for the trifecta of preaching, first as the Pastor at the 50th, invited to return to the celebration of the 60th and again last week at the 70th. He was honored to return for the celebration, but encouraged them to consider the Reverend Kathleen Logan for the 75th.

The service opened with words from Krik Krikorian, the only living Charter Member of the United Church. His inspirational words reminded those in attendance why we have a church here today.

“There was no church but a lot of belief. There was some resistance to the ecumenical process. It wasn’t all peaches and cream. Everybody wanted a church, but the building came quite a bit later,” were all words he shared as part of the church history.

He praised John Massey, the first President of the Church and today Laura Erikson continues the work on behalf of the congregation. The United Church welcomes all residents of today to visit as we are, “United in Our Faith Journeys.”