Underground life revealed

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By Special to the Monitor


Learn about the underground life of the forest from 10 a.m.-noon Jan. 12 at Pajarito Environmental Education Center. Biologist and author, Leslie Dendy, will give a talk and demonstration on the study and identification of critters that live in the soil. 

Instead of looking at plants and animals that live above ground in the forest, this class will check out the much more numerous and seldom-seen critters underground in the complex soil ecosystem.  

Participants will learn how to collect microscopic mites and collembola (springtails).  Then, they’ll get to use a microscope to take an up-close look at pocket gopher teeth, earthworm hearts and a cricket gizzard. Dendy will answer questions like: “Why do our lives depend on the bacteria and fungi down there?” “What are ants good for?” and “Who lives in all those holes?”

Dendy has her doctorate in biology. She has taught at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos since 1973 — almost 40 years.  Dendy has written two books for kids and dozens of magazine articles and stories for children’s magazines.

The cost is $24 for PEEC member families and $30 for non-member families. Individuals are $15 or $12 for PEEC members. Space is limited, so register in advance.  For more information or to register, visit PajaritoEEC.org, call 662-0460, or email Programs@PajaritoEEC.org.