Unanswered Questions

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The Los Alamos Monitor emailed New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Director Jim Lane several questions regarding his actions via Lance Cherry, assistant chief, public information and outreach.
Lane was asked:
• Why he had encouraged the commission to violate the Open Meetings Act despite the inconsistencies noted in this article.
• Whether Lane had been in contact with Sen. Udall’s office prior to the request for a position statement.
• Why he made misleading statements about the legislation and failed to correct misunderstandings about the legislation before the commission.
• Whether he had contacted New Mexico hunting organizations to solicit their opinions on the legislation.
• Whether he had sought information about hunting in national preserves or only in national parks.
• Whether he had read the study by the Harbinger Consulting Group which recommends NPS management.
The response, also via Cherry, was, “Director Lane has reviewed your questions and decided he will not be providing comment at this time.”