An ultimate 9/11

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

A weapon of mass destruction is detonated high over the central part of the United States. The missile comes from an American missile site, a Trident submarine or is a bomber launched cruise missile.The missile is launched by one of our “good guys”. He has passed all security tests. He was born Christian and is of high moral character. His identity is undetectable. He knows how to do this.His rationale is that the USA has more weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and is therefore the greatest threat to the survival of humankind on earth. By destroying the American capability to bring about a worldwide nuclear Armageddon he will be recognized as a “good guy” since the rest of the world will escape nuclear destruction. Humanity survives! He sees his act a noble action.   The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from the detonation of his missile permanently disables power plants and America is immediately in the cold and the dark. There is neither radio nor TV broadcasting.   Pumps don’t pump water. All energy sources become unavailable. Airplanes fall from the sky. Automobiles which rely on computers fail. Computers become inoperable. The food distribution system fails. Within a few days chaos reigns supreme. The world is saved from an American-initiated Armageddon!I have already predicted the year of this event. It is 2013. Scientists and staff persons in the Los Alamos National Laboratory can further embellish the consequences of this singular event.The alternative to this impending disaster is a complete abolition of WMD. One bomb is too many. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men? Ed Grothus knows. Edward Bernard GrothusLos Alamos