UFO crashes into Black Hole's fence

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By John Severance

Ed Beaty stepped out of  his home around 7 p.m.Tuesday and he could not believe how hard the wind was blowing.

“There must have been gusts of 80 mph,” Beaty said.

Beaty also happens to be the owner of the Black Hole on Arkansas Ave. And he was in for a surprise on Wednesday when he got to work.

“High winds made a UFO crash into my fence and the whereabouts of the pilot are unknown,” Beaty laughed. “That’s my story and I am sticking to it.”

According to its website, the Black Hole is a recycler of “nuclear waste,” and has the world’s most diverse stock of used scientific equipment, electronics, lab supplies, nuclear by-products, surplus items and materials. It boasts over 17,000 square feet of pre-owned test equipment and laboratory supplies. The Black Hole has provided materials to over 500 universities and research institutions around the world as well as technical props for four major motion pictures.

Among the many props at the Black Hole were two UFOs.

“The UFO must have moved 40 feet and it must have gotten some air because there were no drag marks,” Beaty said. “There must have been a pilot. They didn’t mess with the little UFO. They just messed with the mother ship.”