Two men charged with aggravated assault

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Crime: The fight was allegedly over a woman

By Tris DeRoma

Johnny Fulton, 37, and Andrew Hitson, 31, both of Los Alamos, were charged with one count each of aggravated assault Wednesday after allegedly fighting with each other over a woman in the 3000 block of Alabama Street.

According to police, Hitson picked up a large black knife and threatened Fulton with it. In response, Fultion picked up a large claw hammer and waved it at Hitson. As Hitson fled, Fulton chased him out the back door of the Alabama Avenue residence.

Once police arrived however, Hitson dropped the knife in the front yard and surrendered.

Both suspects were then taken into custody.

Hitson was released and appeared before Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados Thursday where he was read the charges against him. His second appearance will be a status hearing Nov. 18.

Fulton is due to appear in Los Alamos Magistrate Court Nov. 5 to have his charges formally read to him.
Both men were released on surety bonds of $4,000 each.