Twenty drug charges filed against White Rock man

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Crime > Steven Porter was released on $102,000 bond

By The Staff

Steven Porter, a 46-year-old White Rock man who is facing 20 charges involving controlled substances — 13 felonies and seven misdemeanors — made his first court appearance before Magistrate Judge Pat Casados Tuesday.

Porter, who was arrested last weekend, was held on a $102,000 bond.
Bond was posted Tuesday and Porter was released from the Los Alamos Detention Center at 9 a.m. Wednesday, according to magistrate court clerk John Baca.

Porter’s next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 2.
Baca said Wednesday that Porter did not yet have a lawyer.
Police seized the drugs in Porter’s home after obtaining a search warrant to look for evidence to connect Porter to a rash of damage to property incidents. Police subsequently amended the search warrant to seize the controlled substances after they were found on Porter’s property.
This all started apparently in 2012.
According to the statement of probable cause, the Pajarito Acres Homeowners Association obtained a final judgment order from the First Judicial Court to have Porter tear down a structure, which was a covered patio, that he had built on his property located within Pajarito Acres in the 200 block of Rio Bravo. The court ruled that the patio was against the association’s bylaws.
Porter allegedly was livid over the situation.
According to court documents, a HOA inspection took place at Porter’s residence and the inspection was comprised of the Pajarito Acres Home Owners Association.
Porter’s mother Marlene Miller apparently told the committee, “you people are evil and God will strike you down.” Miller also lives at the residence in the 200 block of Rio Bravo.
It was Miller who posted Porter’s bond.
Since the court order, there has been 20 criminal damage to property reports from members of the HOA board throughout Pajarito Acres. This includes about 12 separate properties.
According to court documents, all the victims have had criminal damage to their property to include events such as screws in the sidewalls of their tires, poisoned trees (with chemical Hexazinone), expanding foam in sewer pipe, brake lines tampered with, lug nuts removed, a severed deer head left near a property on Maya Lane and broken vehicle windows.
LAPD detectives retrieved cans of expanding foam that were used to place the foam in victims’ sewer lines. Detectives also sent soil samples from Pajarito Acres trees that have been poisoned to the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, which has confirmed the presence of Hexazinone.
Court documents said the occurrences have been sporadic over the past two years. The incidents have taken place in the early morning hours and all the victims stated they believe Porter is the suspect as they have no other enemies.
Porter also allegedly told one of the victims on July 18 , “Did you feel good about tearing my mother’s house down?”
In response to the criminal damage reports, LAPD placed game cameras throughout Pajarito Acres.
At 1:10 a.m. Aug. 15, a resident on Maya Lane heard an audible alarm coming from his carport and a motion light activated. The resident went out with his wife and she heard footsteps running away from their home in the direction of the access trail where the game cameras were located.
Fourteen minutes later, the cameras captured a fully clothed suspect the same size and stature of Porter.
The suspect on camera was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and dark pants and appears to be holding a plastic portable drillbox. The suspect also appeared to be holding a bag with what appears to be the outline of a box of screws inside.
The suspect is wearing a dark mask with a single strap and possible balaclava underneath.
The suspect appeared to be running to evade detection, then returned to the property in the 200 block of Rio Bravo, which was captured by the game camera near the rear of the property.
Officers responded to the call on Maya Lane and they discovered drywall screws along the sidewalls of the tires of two vehicles inside the carport where the resident’s alarm was tripped. Court documents said that the resident was a victim of the same crime July 11 where all eight tires from both vehicles had drywall screws inserted in the tires, destroying them.
At 6:30 p.m. Aug. 17, police executed a search warrant at Porter’s Rio Bravo residence to look for evidence in the criminal damage to property cases.
Police attempted to open two closed safes and Porter provided the combinations of the safes to officer James Keane.
Porter allegedly told Keane, “LAPD will not find what you are searching for in the warrant but you will locate other items.”
Porter was read his Miranda rights by Keane and asked what officers would find, Porter said he was keeping pills for his mother.
Upon opening a safe, officers noticed a clear gallon-sized Ziplock baggie. Police said the pills were identifiable as controlled substances.
The bag was about one-quarter filled with an estimated 200-300 pills. Police amended the search warrant to seize the pills.
Among the other items found in the search warrant were a mask with a black strap, hooded sweatshirt, dark-colored pants, a cordless drill, a cordless plastic drill case with handle, Phillips drill bit, screwdriver, balacalva, bag, screw box, drywall screws, receipts or drill, bit, screws, and mask, Hexazinone, containers or devices used to spray or administer tree poison, receipts for chemicals containing Hexazinone expanding foam canisters, receipts for expanding foam canisters and a DNA swab and fingerprints from Porter.
Among the drugs seized were Acetominiphen, Hydrocodone, Lorazepam, Carisoprodol and Butalbital.
Porter was arrested and booked into the Los Alamos Detention Center.
During the hearing, Casados recited the 20 charges against Porter, then she gave Porter a long list of conditions of release on bond.
In addition to paying the $10,200 bond, Porter had to agree to the following:
• Not to possess firearms or dangerous weapons;
• Not to possess or consume alcohol or enter liquor establishments;
• Not to possess or consume any narcotic drugs without a prescription by a licensed medical practice
• Submit to any urine analysis or alcohol test upon request of Magistrate Court
• Not to violate any federal, state or local criminal law
• Notify the court of a change in address
• Not leave the state of New Mexico without prior permission of the court
• Avoid all contact with alleged victims or anyone who may testify in the case.
In addition, Porter was equipped with electronic monitoring by LAPD.