Tucker: No structures will be lost--video extra

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By Mike Cote

Los Alamos fire chief Doug Tucker assured a crowd of about 600 people that their homes would be safe from the destruction caused by the Las Conchas Fire.

Tucker and a host of Los Alamos County officials, along with Gov. Susana Martinez, were on hand at a public briefing held Wednesday afternoon at White Rock Baptist Church.

Tucker said the fire crews battling the Las Conchas blaze near Los Alamos were performing very well. He minced no words about whether the fire would reach homes in Los Alamos.

“We are there, we are here in White Rock,” Tucker said. “I promise you we will not lose a structure in Los Alamos County.”

Little new information was given at Wednesday’s meeting, largely, County Council Chair Sharon Stover said, because there had been very little fire movement over the previous 24 hours.

The Las Conchas blaze is now estimated to have burned 70,000 acres, including 17,000 acres at Bandelier National Monument.

Martinez, who has been working closely with county officials since the start of the fire Sunday afternoon, said she had declared a state of emergency and ordered state police to enforce all local fireworks restrictions. She again reiterated her call on all New Mexico residents to neither buy nor set off fireworks.

She also added that the government is prepared to throw anything necessary at this fire to keep it away from Los Alamos.

“All state resources, all federal resources are available,” Martinez said. “We’ve seen how quickly the fire is on the move and we were ready from day one.”


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