Truly, we need unity

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By Robert A. Nunz

Dear Editor,

I’m sure we’re all happy it’s over – the incessant commercials and phone calls.

Here we can be thankful about no more complaints about stolen yard signs, or rude or vandalous behavior. No more partisan  letters in this column for awhile perhaps. No more self-congratulatory op-eds by our local political leaders.

Nice to sit back now, or...

A major tone of the national election spoken by our president-elect is “It’s about us.”

Here in Los Alamos, we, the voice of the people was quite important in our local council election.

I congratulate Sharon Stover for her strong victory. Just about everyone I know thinks Sharon cares about the whole community, young and old, regardless of party line, and is a great listener and a thoughtful decision maker.

I congratulate Mike Wismer in standing up for the voice of the people despite excoriation from his former party. The decision he appealed is long since done and we all must work together; but, I think he’ll assure the voices of all will be given a better ear next time around.

I congratulate Vincent Chiravalle. We were just kidding the other day that he could help Bob Gibson not to be “a voice crying in the wilderness” in casting sharp eyes on our county’s expenditures.

Their election gives me hope, but.

It’s still about us. We the county government leaders, both councilors and managers, who need to reassess how well they listen instead of maximalizing their discretionary wisdom.

We, about the leadership of our county parties, who need to cast off the old partisan ways of bickering and labeling.

We, about our lab and its leaders, who with our community will face daunting challenges in the months ahead  as we find joint  ways to move forward and not live in the past.

And, most of all, it’s about us, all its citizens to speak up, work more closely together rather than at odds or think we know better; urging our Boards and Commissions, not to just listen to cliques or special interests and to continue to speak our needs to Government.

 Beyond that, it’s about us to take responsibility as well, cast off the old cynicisms about county government, or the lab and property, or whatever else sticks in our craw.

We have bright good people here who can move us forward, but not if it’s “me first” or “I know better.”

All the campaign division stuff is over.

Will the post-election unity now really happen?

Los Alamos