Trouble right here in Atomic City

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Run for your lives! A skate park at the library site? Oh, the hand ringing! Oh the tumult! It might destroy our very way of life and end civilization as we know it.

What would the boys from the Ranch School that founded Los Alamos say? Would they be horrified? Sure, they played ice hockey at the Pond every winter, but a skate park at the library site? They must be rolling in their graves! Adventure, excitement, exercise near a historical area? NEVER! They prefer peace and quiet nowadays, thank you. Eventually, we all will.

How about the wild scientists who put this city on the map? What would they say? Richard Feynman was against trying anything new and exciting, wasn’t he?

Best to let sleeping dogs lie. Someone might sue so let’s cower in fear and trash the whole project. Let’s start all over and find a new place that people still won’t like! Isn’t that what the folks who made this town what it is today would do?

Hey kids! There’s a good lesson in democracy to be gleamed from all this: Make sure you have a good lawyer!

Greg Kendall

Los Alamos