Troops get no support from Bushies

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By George Chandler

Dear Editor,

Ralph Damiani’s recent editorial suggests that having made the mistake of invading Iraq, we should now continue that mission impossible so that we can “end this with honor.” Leaving now would repeat the “national disgrace that followed the surrender” of Vietnam. War protestors should focus on helping those who have served and now need our help.There is no honor available to us in this situation no matter what we do. Invading Iraq illegally created a deficit of honor that we can only partially fill by withdrawing as soon as possible, paying reparations to that sad nation and allowing its citizens to work out their own destiny. Stationing our troops in the middle of Iraq’s civil war only delays the inevitable, as did our protracted and painful withdrawal from Vietnam. The national disgrace associated with Vietnam was not the ultimate decision to withdraw; it was the stubborn refusal over years to recognize the limits of our military power, and our willingness to commit the bodies and minds of our youth to try to vindicate the honor of our so-called statesmen. That disgrace is being repeated today.The failure to relieve the suffering of our wounded and traumatized troops is a result of the ongoing indifference of this government to ordinary Americans – if you’re not a multinational corporation dedicated to extending American military power over the globe, you get no help from the Bush administration.These people are stripping the resources of domestic programs from schools to health care to support this war, and that includes the resources that should go to support our troops who have served in the war. “Support the Troops” is just a clever slogan to divert attention from the actual roots of this war, it has no other meaning to the Bushies and results in no meaningful support by them to the troops.George ChandlerLos Alamos