Trio busted for break-ins

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Crime: Former LA resident charged in incident

By Tris DeRoma

According to Los Alamos Police Department Deputy Chief Randy Foster, Albuquerque Police have made a break in a rash of car break-ins that occurred in Los Alamos throughout November. Foster saidLAPD detectives were in Albuquerque Monday afternoon to interview the suspects.


Arrested was Skylar B. Smith, 20, of Rio Rancho and a prior Los Alamos resident. He was arrested on a Los Alamos warrant for burglary and theft of credit cards.  This comes after a lengthy investigation where Los Alamos detectives served a search warrant on a house in Placitas working with the Sandoval County Sheriff’s office last week.

During the execution of that search warrant, Sandoval County Sheriff’s Department arrested Coady Richards, 32, of Placitas, on the following charges: two counts of receiving stolen property and possession of marijuana.

Albuquerque police, meanwhile, arrested Evan Smith on stolen vehicle and stolen firearms charges, according to Los Alamos police.

A series of break-ins occurred within a three-block area of Oppenheimer Drive Nov. 20 and another rash of Nov. 15 break-ins occurred in the area of Camino Medio. The thieves’ usual method would be to hit a number of cars within an hour on a particular block, then fade away for a week or two. As many as five vehicles would sometimes be hit.

According to the Albuquerque police, detectives from their Property Crimes Division apprehended the suspects during a surveillance operation at an Albuquerque Motel 6 at 9:30 a.m. Monday morning.

During the operation, police discovered two stolen vehicles in the motel parking lot, so they waited for the suspects to claim them. The detectives let them leave the motel parking lot, arresting them at a nearby gas station.

Brothers Skylar and Evan Smith were taken into custody without incident. Inside the cars, police found a cache of stolen weapons as well as other stolen items.

“The Los Alamos Department made this string of recent automotive burglaries a top priority.  I am very proud of the hard work the detectives put into this case during the past few weeks even working around the holiday. I also hope this sends a message that if criminals target Los Alamos we will spare no resource to apprehend them,” LAPD detective sergeant Oliver Morris said.