Trinity Site is innovative

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 As a mom and teacher, I believe in helping younger generations thrive and grow. I support my students and help them find ways to contribute in a world that welcomes them.  
Just the same, I hope that long-time Los Alamos residents want to support young families and give us the chance to share our talents and add amenities so we can fully live in Los Alamos.  
Unfortunately, improvements that might make life better for families often do not get backing — the recent swimming pool vote is a perfect example.  
If the new golf course building had come to a vote, would it have failed, too? I don’t know. But what I do know is that Los Alamos needs to be more visionary for all interests.
Even though my family only plays golf once or twice a year, we still support the new golf course building because it improves the quality of life in Los Alamos.
My husband and I tell our children, that sometimes, we look out for the other guy because it makes the world a better place for everyone. Who is looking out for young families in Los Alamos?
So, here we are again with the Trinity Site. What will Los Alamos do?
Support the work of countless people over many years to secure more funding for our schools and more retail options, or listen to the uninformed and unconstructive opinions of people who seem to be afraid of change?
I support the Trinity Site, not because I am a huge Smith’s proponent or a crazy shopper, but because I want to help our schools financially and I want improved retail. I am tired of watching our community have the means and creativity to improve the quality of life, yet fail to follow through.  
My husband and I wrote a letter to the editor supporting the development of the Trinity Site in May 2006 and our position hasn’t changed. What has changed is that we had another baby who is now four years old, we watched good families leave Los Alamos for more dynamic communities, and I became a member of the Trinity Site Committee.  
I spent numerous hours working with a vibrant group of Los Alamosians and consultants from James Lange LaSalle as we tried to find the best possible deal for the Trinity Site under the current economic times.
Every meeting focused on the goal of the using of this land is to generate revenue for our schools, and at every meeting we were reminded that the economy has changed and developers will not risk as much.  
So, I ask for your support of the current plans with NADG, LAPS, Los Alamos County and Smith’s because the Trinity Site Committee unanimously agrees that this is the most realistic solution to help our schools and shopping situation.  
After five years of conversations about the future of Los Alamos with families, young and old, I understand one reality — everyone loves our beautiful amenities such as the libraries, bus system, hiking trails, ice rink, ski area, aquatic center, summer concerts and great schools.  
Families also love to shop locally. Stop by a child’s birthday in Los Alamos and count all the yarn bows on the gifts from Otowi Station.  
However, I’ve also seen another reality — Los Alamos families are surprised that some aspects of the community barely limp along when there are so many dynamic people living here.
Families are feeling the effects of the more than $400,000 in budget cuts to our schools (see www.laschools.net/lrfpc).
They are noticing less young families moving here or vibrant families moving away. See demographic changes at quickfacts.census.gov. And they are continuing to shop for basic necessities and take their families out to dinner ”off the hill.” (See www.losalamosnm.us/projects/trinitysiteinfo).
The Trinity Site Ground Lease and Developer Agreement is a well-researched, viable solution that can address all these concerns.
So, before you make a quick judgment based on a drawing in the paper or the limited view of a few individuals, I encourage you to take the time to understand the fact-based information gathered by Los Alamos County, Los Alamos Public Schools and the Trinity Site Committee at www.losalamosnm.us/projects/trinitysiteinfo.
In the end, if our educated community cannot understand why this is the best solution for our schools and shopping, I know that families like mine will not feel like a valued part of our community.  
Let’s continue to tell visitors that Los Alamos is where discoveries are made by supporting the Trinity Site – an innovative idea that can improve the quality of life for everyone.

Lynn Ovaska
TRSPAC member