Trinity Place project update

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By The Staff

The Trinity Place development project is moving into a new, more public phase in the coming months.  Since Los Alamos County terminated its exclusive developer arrangement with the Boyer Company last fall, many people have assumed that the project was “dead” or that work on the project had ceased. 

That has not been the case, although the difficulties being experienced throughout the U.S. economy have made for slow going over the winter.

Nonetheless, a number of important steps have been accomplished since fall including completion of the needed land assembly agreements between the county and Los Alamos Public Schools, State Board of Finance approval of those agreements, relocation of the functions that have occupied the site in order to clear the way for demolition, engagement of Jones, Lang, Lasalle (JLL) to assist in marketing the site, and approval of a path forward for marketing the site by the county council.  Demolition activities have started at the site and are anticipated to be completed this summer.

There have been preliminary discussions between JLL and several interested retail developers and anchors since the first of the year. 

A Request For Proposals (RFP) is actually out there right now and there are people working on proposals to submit on this project.

The path forward includes obtaining and evaluating proposals this summer, public outreach on recommended proposals in late summer and county council consideration of recommended proposals targeted for the September timeframe. 

If the County Council were to accept moving forward with a developer proposal, negotiations would proceed on establishing a land lease agreement and development agreement. From that point forward, it would be up to the developer to perform on the development agreement.

Trinity Place remains an important project for providing revenues to support the public school system and addressing community desires for increased retail opportunities. 

By locating in the downtown area, a goal for Trinity is to anchor a share of the shopper traffic in our community that currently flees to other communities.

 Increased shopper traffic in the downtown can provide increased opportunity for other businesses.

Kevin Holsapple is executive director of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation/Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce .