Trinity Drive open for discussion

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In response to the March 19 letter to the editor titled “Trinity Drive: 2 lanes or 4?” I would like to clarify some misstatements. The letter intimated that county Sstaff was finishing up a plan to change Trinity Drive from a four-lane to a two-lane road. That is simply not the case.

Several conceptual ideas for Trinity have been discussed and presented at two well-attended public meetings, to generate ideas as well as to elicit comments. The range of conceptual designs varied from minimal changes to Trinity Drive, for which there was not a lot of support, to more fundamental changes that sought to better accommodate multi-modal traffic. One of these options does include the single-lane round-about and the narrowing of the road to two lanes. 

That was the option that actually generated a lot of interest and a lot of questions. No singling out of options, or recommendations have been made, or will be made until further traffic, engineering and right-of-way analysis is done. 

The review of Trinity Drive is an ongoing process to develop/refine necessary street standards within downtown Los Alamos that will meet our community goals as articulated in the Downtown Plan and the Comprehensive Plan. The Downtown Streets Standards committee, formed to help lead this process, has focused on Trinity Drive between DP Road and Oppenheimer Drive, a section of New Mexico 502 that passes through an evolving section of our designated downtown area.

A goal of the committee is to look at possible improvements to Trinity Drive to better serve current and future needs of the people who want to travel, live, work, and shop on Trinity Drive. Adopted street standards will guide future projects along Trinity Drive, including the upcoming New Mexico Department of Transportation project between the airport and Knecht Street, as well as the Trinity Place development.

There will be additional public meetings that will offer more detailed and technical information that will address questions voiced so far, as well as offer further opportunities to share ideas and concerns. Now is the time for people to become involved in the future of Trinity Drive.

Member of the Down Town Streets subcommittee

Los Alamos