Trinity Drive: A business perspective

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Thoughts on the controversial corridor after 23 years operating Hill Diner

Not much has changed over the 23 years that we have been doing business on Trinity Drive. Year after year we see the same trends with our customers.  
We serve about 400 customers a day and the vast majority of them arrive via automobile.
At lunch, most don’t travel very far, probably half come from within a two block radius. We are within two blocks of thousands of square feet of office space on the north side of Trinity.  
But most of our customers choose to drive that distance. Why?
Navigating Trinity Drive as a pedestrian is risky business.  
Try it!  Pretend you work downtown.  You can pretend by parking in the Los Alamos National Bank parking lot. Now, how will you get to the Hill Diner as a pedestrian? Will you cross at the signal at Trinity and Knecht Street? Will you do the “Diner Dash” across the median? Will you walk up to 15th Street and Trinity Drive and cross at the signal?
We see people doing the Diner Dash so frequently that we have often joked that the county should install a big yellow sign with a picture of a pedestrian dashing madly across the street to the Diner.
Try it! Pretend you are a tourist by parking at the Bradbury Science Museum and walk to the Hill Diner.
What’s your experience? What’s your impression of our community? How do you feel about our streetscape?  Not so great.  
We get an earful from the many visitors who come to the restaurant.
“Where’s downtown? Do you have a downtown? Your town looks like an army base.”
Trinity Drive is an integral part of our community. However, for those of us doing business on the south side of Trinity Drive, it sure feels like living on the wrong side of the tracks.
Central Avenue is the beautiful sister and Trinity Drive the ugly stepchild.  
We don’t want to be like Central Avenue, but why can’t we hope for some beautification, some greenery and some compatibility with a walkable downtown and smooth traffic flow.  
Why can’t we create a true “gateway” to our downtown? Create circulation on the north/south corridors that are essential to good business for all of our downtown, north and south?
I think roundabouts could create some marvelous opportunities for trees, art in public places, an attractive monument and “way finding” signage.  
Roundabouts on Trinity Drive would create the opportunity for safe and easy u-turns, right and left turns in and out of businesses that do not exist today.
I have attended many meetings about the options for Trinity Drive. Many were well attended by local businesses.
I have heard support for the positive change that could be created with the addition of roundabouts and more multi-modal transportation on the Trinity corridor.
There are many examples of successful models that supported local businesses on a busy corridor.  
Visit the following website for valuable information about this issue and links to successful models in other communities:  http://trinitydr.info/, <http://trinitydr.info/>.
I support the roundabout option A for the Trinity Drive corridor.
I think it will be good for my business, a benefit to future growth on the south side of Trinity Drive and a source of community pride.
Join me to inform the county council that our community supports Option A!

Denise Lane, Owner
Hill Diner