Transformer blacks out Sioux Street

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DPU > North Mesa outage leaves 120 in the dark

By The Staff

Early Wednesday night residents on Sioux Street lost their power. According to Department of Public Utilities spokesperson Julie Williams Hill, utility workers tracked the source to a bad transformer.

By 9 p.m., workers were able to temporarily restore power for the 120 customers who were impacted by the outage.
Williams-Hill said utility workers will be working on a permanent fix today by installing a new transformer.

“Permanent repairs will continue Thursday. Crews will plan a 30-minute outage affecting eight customers, to complete repairs,” Williams-Hill said. Time of this planned outage has not yet been determined. The remaining Sioux St. customers will experience a brief 10 minute outage as the new transformer is tied into the electric distribution system.”

A broader swath of North Mesa residences were subject to a similar power outage, also on a Wednesday evening in December.

That power outage left scores of residents in the dark and shivering on one of the coldest nights of the season just days before Christmas.

The December outage began around 6:30 p.m. in the neighborhoods in and around Del Norte and eastward to Tsikimu Village. According to Internet postings by Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities officials, the rest of North Mesa was unaffected.

DPU crews encountered difficulties in isolating the problem, which took hours to resolve.

“North Mesa power outage between Del Norte and Tsikimu Village persists as DPU’s electric linemen continue patrolling and testing for underground line faults in the near 0 degree darkness,” a Facebook posting noted about 10 p.m.

A subsequent posting shortly after midnight indicated that power had been restored to all customers and that permanent repairs would be undertaken Thursday.