Trail maintenance benefits all

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I read Mr. Cortesy’s June 18 piece, “Bikers beneficial to forests” with interest. I, too, have rarely seen anyone else doing trail work, but I know plenty of it gets done nonetheless, because without it trails would not be built nor remain usable for long.

I have walked ancient trails on three continents, all in good repair. The recorded history of New World trails is comparatively brief in contrast to some European trails. The value of the work invested in those trails over 2,000-plus years is staggering. I invite everyone who reads this to add just one drop to the bucket: Contribute in some way to maintaining any trail you use.

Readers of Mr. Cortesy’s piece may be interested to know that in 2007 alone, Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico logged 3,301 hours of trail building and maintenance work, plus other donations, for a total monetary value of $229,200.

Una Smith

Los Alamos