Traffic control changes to be made

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Contractors will begin work on the west side of the road

By Special to the Monitor

Traffic Control within the Diamond Drive Phase 3 Project will change significantly the morning of Saturday, Dec. 5. Traffic control will include:

Right lane closures on both northbound and southbound traffic, moving traffic to the center lanes adjacent to the medians providing one through lane in each direction;

Opening the dedicated left turn lanes and allowing left turns throughout the project; and,

Reverting to a STOP control for motorists turning from North Road onto Diamond Drive.

The above traffic control will remain in place to allow the contractor to work on west side (southbound) striping, installation of roadway markings, and the installation of the streetlights. Then southbound traffic control will change from a right lane closure to a left lane closure to allow for the completion of southbound striping. Please keep in mind that application of striping and roadway markings may be delayed due to weather conditions.

After striping, roadway markings and streetlight installation is complete, traffic control will vary as necessary dependant on identified punch list items that need to be fixed before final completion.

County staff said they thank the public for their continued patience as they strive to complete this project as soon as possible. Questions may be directed to the Public Works Department at 662-8150.