Torres plays 306 holes on 'Longest Day'

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Golf: Head pro at LAGC completes 17 rounds in one day for charity

By The Staff

The Longest Day of Golf took less than the maximum amount of time.
Los Alamos Golf Course head professional Donnie Torres finished up an amazing 17 rounds of golf Thursday in approximately 13-1/2 hours. Averaging just a little over a minute in between shots, Torres finished 306 holes and did so while maintaining an excellent running score.
Torres’ Longest Day of Golf was played to raise money for the Sun Country PGA Junior Golf Association and for the Los Alamos Rotary. He raised approximately $4,000, which will be split between the two organizations.
The Longest Day of Golf began at 5:30 a.m. Thursday. Torres, who needed to average under three minutes per hole to make his goal of playing 306 holes during daylight hours, played his first round in 35 minutes and completed his second round in just 40 minutes.
Throughout the day, Torres was driven around in a golf cart by volunteers and had other volunteers clearing the way ahead for him so he wasn’t slowed by other players on the course. To save time, Torres played exclusively on the front nine holes at LAGC, didn’t set his drives on a tee and gave himself credit for being “in the leather” — getting his ball to within approximately two feet of the cup rather than putting out.
His scores throughout the day were remarkably consistent. Torres’ worst round of the day was a 76 — his 16th round — and he finished at or under par for 11 rounds. His total for the day was 8-under par. He was even after nine rounds, but for rounds 10-14, Torres went 4-under, 3-under, 3-under, 3-under, 2-under.
Torres wrapped up his day at 7 p.m. with nearly two hours of useable daylight left. He averaged less than 48 minutes per 18 holes.