Torres for golf course manager

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By The Staff

I have been a resident of Los Alamos for over 40 years and have been involved in many aspects of community and county programs and efforts. I’ve witnessed many students of mine flourish at the golf course through golf lessons, tournaments and employment. Many of my colleagues and friends golf regularly and I have always been a proud supporter of this important component of our town. I believe our golf course is a huge asset to this community and I also believe that Donnie Torres has worked hard to ensure that golf is something to be proud of in Los Alamos. Los Alamos golf and Torres are practically synonymous, not only locally but statewide. Torres has been a committed employee who has a high regard for his position at the golf course and is respected by many people for that. He is a superior candidate who has earned the opportunity to serve the golf course, county and community in a fresh way.

I understand that Torres has not been allowed to apply for the golf course manager position based on the “degree” criteria.

There is an expression by Tom Bodett that goes, “The difference between school and life: In school you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

I would argue that Torres has been tested throughout his lengthy career and has proven that he is an expert in the field of golf course management. In a small town like Los Alamos, relationships and reputation are imperative to the success of any establishment and Donnie Torres has made many strong relationships with golfers of all ages, from all over New Mexico. His reputation is one of someone who cares deeply about the LA Golf Course and the people he serves. His commitment to the golf course is sincere and a great benefit. Torres has always been professional about his work; he is conscientious and sees the “big picture” of how golf course management enhances a community. All in all, I believe that he has earned the opportunity to apply and interview for the manager position and I would urge the County Parks and Recreation management to not only consider Torres for this position, but to hire him as golf course manager

Kelly Myers

Los Alamos, NM 87544