Torpy back on the job

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Police > Chief had been out on medical leave

By Tris DeRoma

Los Alamos Police Chief Wayne Torpy is back at work and according to his colleagues, it’s as though he’s never left.


“Yeah, he’s back to ordering us around and telling us to get his coffee,” Capt. Randy Foster said jokingly. On a more serious note, Foster said “we’re really glad to have him back.”

While Torpy was away, Foster was pulling double duty as acting police chief.

About five weeks ago, Torpy was rushed to the hospital and was there for five weeks, recovering from a serious medical incident.

“Everything is fine now, it’s great to be back at work,” Torpy said. “It’s healing in some ways to be back and working with the folks here again.”

Torpy got back Wednesday and will be working half days until he’s up to full-speed.

Currently, he’s working on budgetary matters and still opening mail from well-wishers.

He thanked the community and his co-workers for making the transition to work easy.

“The reception’s been wonderful,” he said. “It hasn’t been much different from when I was gone. The community, the folks from the county, the police department have been very supportive throughout my ordeal.”

Torpy said it was always his intent to get back to work, no matter how long it took.

“I’m not a person who believes in sitting around the house doing nothing,” he said. “As long as I could contribute in a valuable way to my job, I was going to come back. I love my job, I love working for the community and the county, and so far it’s been wonderful.”

He said recovery has not been easy and he will probably be taking some more time off to work with his doctors. He also said his medical scare, like any difficult or traumatic life event, has changed his outlook a little.

“I look at how precious life is, how precious my family is and how precious the people around me in my daily life are,” he said. “The beauty of friendship and the people you love are the most important things in the world. I’ve always known that, but when you have a serious health event it really brings all that home.”