Topper Revue 2011 captivates audience

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By Dana Crroks and Katelyn Collier

Teen Pulse Staff Writers

Topper Revue 2011 was an epic journey through time, while showcasing the many talented students at Los Alamos High School. The emcees, Madison Brandt, Chloe Reichelt, KJ Juarez, Dylan Rich, Evan Bolton and Austin Graham, brought the show to life with their humorous actions and witty statements.

After discovering a time machine microwave, the group finds themselves in different eras as they try to get home. Along their voyage, they run into some extremely funny and talented people. 

Act one began with the fabulous “Men In Tights,” performed by 12 senior boys, who continued to appear throughout the show. An Othello Rap and a performance by the LAHS Topper Guard followed this. 

“Key Of Lime” was the next act. They had technical difficulties but were able to pull through and deliver a wonderful musical act. The show continued with more musical acts such as “Somebody to Love,” “Sage Street Saxtet” and “The New Recruits.” 

The “Bus Stop Romance” was a cute and comical skit about two awkward teens with crushes that everyone can relate to. It included appearances by characters dressed as Snooki from “Jersey Shore,” Sarah Palin, Spock, Flo the Progressive lady, and a crazy Asian woman. “Float On,” concluded Act One and showcased students in white, lit up by black lights, which gave them the illusion of defying gravity. 

Act two started out with another comical skit, “Mechanical Fruit,” which featured jokes that all ages could understand. 

Alex Romeo performed on his unicycle and dazzled the audience with his skills. “The Backyard” was a Rastafarian-inspired performance that got the audience relaxed. 

Martin Loncaric showed his amazing talent with his Rubik’s cube that left the audience in awe. “Ocean Wide,” “Mr. Sandman” and “The Piano Fiasco” were stunning performances made up by teens with amazing musical talent. The futuristic “Star Scream” group danced their way into the audience’s minds. 

 The final act was a fantastic way to end a spectacular show as students showed their talents with “Banging On Stuff.” In the end, the emcees made their way to present time Los Alamos and the audience was left feeling satisfied with the show put on by LAHS Olions club.