Tips for helping to keep the weight off during the holidays

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By Kim Lazarus

Losing weight is difficult enough but keeping it off seems to be even more difficult. Some tips for keeping your weight off include: •  Eating smaller portions and less often •  Eating a wide range of various foods that allow for good nutrition•  Eating lots of fiber foods that include grains, vegetables, and fruits•  Eating lower fat foods•  Avoiding soda and other high sugar foods and drinks•  Increasing your water intake; and•  Exercising at a moderate level on a regular basis

Keeping food choices available can be the key to success. When you get those mid- afternoon blues and food seems to be the answer and your only choice is the vending machine at work that could be a bad temptation.Have good food choices available at work, in your car, and at home. Good snack foods may include rice cakes, fruit, turkey jerky, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter and protein bars.Another common problem exists when you get home and you feel famished and start eating everything in sight, sound familiar?When you cook meals make a few extra portions and have them readily available to heat up quickly to eat. You can take these meals to work or freeze them for future use. When grocery shopping, it is best to shop when you are not hungry. People tend to make poor food choices when they are starving or depressed. Having more time at the grocery store to read labels can also help make better choices.Just because the outer label says that item is fat-free doesn’t mean mean it isn’t loaded with sugar. If that food bar contains 15 grams or more of sugar, you may as well eat a candy bar.My point is that there are hidden ingredients in most all food that either takes away the nutritional value or makes that item less healthy.Food choices are the key ingredients for weight loss and health. Another key component is exercise. Prioritizing exercise into your schedule will allow better metabolic functions, mood elevation, and less body fat accumulation.In addition to exercise, reducing stress is highly important.Stress is the leading cause of most disease processes. Genetics play a role but the triggering mechanisms of stress will produce bad outcomes.Getting enough sleep will assist in reducing stress and will help in refueling your body in order for it to function more efficiently.If you incorporate good food choices, exercise, reducing stress, and better sleep into your life you will most likely have success at losing weight and keeping it off.The holidays are an extremely difficult time to try these techniques, but if I mention them now, you may get through the holidays without gaining too much extra weight.