Tips to help you get ready for homecoming

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You’ve got to love the homecoming dance, but the question is: what do you wear? Ok, let’s start with the basics.
First of all, homecoming is a semi-formal dance, so for guys, that means slacks and a button-up shirt. Suits are not usually worn at homecoming, but if you are dying to wear a suit, go for it!
For girls, a dress and heels are a must. The number one tip to keep in mind when it comes to a homecoming dress, it that it must fit right and be the right color. The worst thing you could do is show up at the dance in a very colorful dress that does not suit your skin tone.
Personally, orange is not my color, so I try to stick to colors that flatter my skin tone and hair color, as well as the color of my eyes. I am not saying that a very bright or colorful dress is a no- no, as long as it suits your skin tone. Wearing heels is a good way to spruce up an outfit, just remember to practice walking in them before the dance.
When it comes to what the dress actually looks like and how it fits, the possibilities are endless. You can go for simple, elaborate, flowing or tight; just don’t wear an extremely short dress because that’s a fashion faux pas.
A dress that ends just below your behind is anything but stylish. Heavier girls should steer clear of wearing tight dresses. Something that flows, is swishy, or floats out from the waist, will look fabulous and flattering on you.
Doing something with your hair is essential. Some girls like to curl it, some like to straighten it, and some sport an up-do. Anything works, and though it may be tempting, do not overdose on the hair spray. Crunchy, glued-in-place curls will not look very flattering. One stylish hairdo option is to make a low bun with the back section of your hair, not including the hair on the sides of your head, with a clear hair tie.
Then take pieces from the side sections of your hair and pin them around and above the bun. Pin some into the bun, too. This up-do should be loose, so any bits of hair that do not reach the bun can hang around your face. Spray the finished hairdo with a little bit of hairspray, and voila!
Nails are just as important as your hairdo. I like to match the color of my nails my dress, but you can also go for something like a French tip, or use a soft or neutral color.
Just one last tip: be yourself and remember that no matter how much you may dress up, the goal is to make a more beautiful, elaborate version of yourself, not to change yourself completely.
--Alexandra Hehlen