Tips to help products go the extra mile

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By Alexandra Hehlen

At times like these when money is short, the stock market is down and everyone just has a sinking feeling about their cash, shopping is certainly not number one on the priority list, but looking good still is. That may be a problem when we are stuck with the mindset that says, “How can I look good without going shopping for something new?”
I have successfully saved you a shopping spree and gathered a few tips on how to look great with items that you already have at home.
One idea is to reuse perfume bottles. Whenever I finish with perfume, I usually put the bottle on display because it makes a statement for a room. In my head, it is equivalent to a neat vase or a trinket. Displaying the perfume bottle is not even the best part of it, though. Usually when perfume is finished, there is always a little bit left at the bottom of the bottle. You can spray or pour the rest into a spray bottle, fill the spray bottle with water, shake it up a bit and voila! You can use the good-smelling spray to dampen your hair in our dry climate, or spice up your room with a fresh scent.
Another useful tip that will keep you from having to constantly buy new makeup brushes is to clean them off every week — or every day, for those of you with acne or pimples. Wash the brushes off with some soap and warm water, but do this carefully because the better care you take of the brushes, the longer they last. If you have brushes with metal that holds the hairs of the brush, make sure not to get the hairs at the base wet, otherwise they will fall out after time.
For those of you who need a quick blush fix and happen to have lipstick at home or in your purse, here’s a tip. Rub a tiny bit of lipstick between your fingers and put it on the apples of your cheeks to get a long-lasting blush.
Also, when you are done with a shampoo bottle, wash it out a few times with a little bit of water and use the soapy mix for your hair. This will help you get a couple of extra uses out of your favorite shampoo, though it will be a bit watered down. Try this technique with conditioner, too.
I love the feeling I get when I can make something new out of an existing item. Remember, even though you may be down about not being able to go shopping, at least you will still look your best!

Hehlen is a sophomore at Los Alamos High School.