Tips that can help petites look taller

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Being petite is something that I have little experience with, but short people seem to dislike being vertically challenged. The fact that I’m not petite doesn’t mean that I can’t understand the negative feelings that some people experience in being short.
Feeling short can cause insecurity and as a result, some petites tend to hide their bodies in oversized clothing. This is not the way to go. Mind you, very tall people can feel just as insecure as petites, but this article will focus on some peoples’ difficulty in accepting their height.
It is amazing how clothing can affect how tall a person looks. Wearing vertical stripes or black can make you look longer, but the cut of the clothing is the most important. For petite females, a blazer that ends at the waist or hip is essential.
It makes your upper torso look shorter, and your legs look longer. Hiding your figure in big bulky sweaters just makes you look shorter. Skinny jeans can also make you look taller, but short people with wide hips should avoid them. Instead, a boot-cut jean can be worn, which will elongate your legs and balance the hips.
When it comes to skirts, nothing below or at the knee should be worn. These styles make a petite person look swallowed up in their own clothing. Instead, skirts that float out from the hip and end above the knee are ideal. They will make the legs look longer, and in some cases, skinnier.
Hair is also a factor, but not one that  affects height as much as clothing does. Still, long hair makes a petite person look shorter, while short hair makes you appear taller.
Shoes, of course, play a critical role in height, but as I discussed last week, wearing heels everyday is not the answer. An alternative to heels can be platforms, but even so, petites can still wear sandals and flats.
There is however, one good thing  about being petite: having a section in clothing stores that caters to your figure. Consider yourself lucky, because tall people don’t have this luxury.
Embracing a petite frame is so much better than trying to hide it. Just because fashion is modeled on tall women, doesn’t mean that being petite has to be anything short of being fabulously stylish.

Alexandra Hehlen is a sophomore at Los Alamos High School.