Time to wish all a Happy Easter

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Dear Editor,
It’s that time of year again when the hot and cold winds meet to create stormy forecasts. No, I’m not talking about the weather. I’m referring to religion and politics, the two topics best avoided in polite company.
The two should be differentiated from faith and social problem solving. Good things often flow when these two topics come together. Not so with religion and politics. When they mix, facts get filleted and the truth gets traded for the token power of talking points and the labels of lies that send us scurrying to the security of our fortresses of fear.
According to Rene Girard, religion and politics had a common birth in our attempts to calm the ‘plagues’ that threatened our early societies. Our religious and governmental institutions captured the power of the “sacred violence”, sacrificing the ‘evil’ ones in order to quell the violence of the masses. Apparently, the tactics remain. What would this ‘obvious’ left-leaning, secular, French professor of literature and anthropology say is the answer? Happy Easter.
Bob Fuselier
Los Alamos