Time traveling with ‘Looper’ is worth it

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By Owen Bradbury-Aranda

These days it seems that once in a blue moon a movie comes along that isn’t simply a remake.
“Looper” is one of those movies and is one of the most original action films we have seen in a long time.
The story takes place in 2044. Time travel has not yet been invented, but specialized assassins known as loopers eliminate targets sent to them from 2074, in the future.
The loopers are paid well and lead extravagant lives, the only catch to the job is that eventually, they will be sent back to 2044 and forced to kill their future selves, which is known as “closing your loop.”
In the film, the protagonist Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has his future self sent back to him in order to close his loop, but when he loses him, he finds himself in a situation —where to keep himself alive in the present — he must hunt down and kill his future self (Bruce Willis).
The plot is very exciting and filled with twists and turns that will not leave the viewer dissatisfied. However, the fundamental reason for avoiding a full plot summary is done so as not to ruin the film for those who haven’t yet seen it.
Another enjoyable aspect of the film is that the plot is set in more of a dystopia, than a utopia. Although there are some futuristic aspects to the world in 2044, the majority of the population is poverty-stricken and in many cases, homeless.
The inclusion of vehicles in the future is also enjoyable. During the film, one notices the portrayal of some of today’s brand new cars as run down and old.
The film portrays one of the most plausible futures that has been seen in cinema.
What makes this film special — other than its plausibility — is its consistency. Other than one instance of minor significance, the film has no inconsistencies or plot-related problems.