Time to stop whining and start appreciating

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To all the people that work in, live in, go to school in Los Alamos County ... Stop whining; because to please everyone is impossible - some one will always be unhappy.
Construction will have large trucks, tractors and semi’s coming in and out of town, turning off and onto the roads. It will cost money for contractors to make schedule changes. So if you’re going to whine, then prepare to fork out (I am guessing) a quarter million dollars per contractor or so to appease the few whiners and have contractor down time.  
I personally drive up the front hill every morning to go to work; it may slow me by 2-4 minutes. So instead of whining, leave earlier.  
To blame tardiness or accidents on the slow moving vehicles is a cop out! The real blame is on the drivers themselves; who can’t accept blame; due to their playing with their phones, radios, iPods, computers, reading, staring at their hood ornaments, instead of watching the road, - you know - doing anything but being a responsible, defensive driver.
If you don’t want to deal with construction, then don’t complain when roads, streets, sidewalks ... anything needs repaired or replaced.
Maybe people should remember that driving is a privilege not a right!
Come on community, slow down, relax, the world will not end because you slowed down and paid attention to your surroundings.
So whiners and blamers, get some cheese.

Donna Brewer
White Rock